Lowest Cost for ESL & TOEFL classes: $400 per month enrolling in a 3 month contract.
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The Best Kept Secret: $400 per month for a life changing English education

You will experience a new life in Los Angeles.

*Enrollment in a 3 month program

You're Cared For. You're Family!

  1. Low cost, high quality ESL & TOEFL courses
  2. Sensitive attention to I-20 / F-1 visas issuance & status
  3. Classes available in the Morning and at Night


A future and a focus in just months

"I found a new family at the California Language School. The honest and compassionate focus they have for you to  succeed in a new country was the best experience of my life."

Student Life

We live in a big world. We have so many languages, cultures, ways in which we express ourselves, and perspectives on life!

Meeting people from different countries, learning what they like to eat, what films they like to watch, and how they see the world will change your outlook on life.

Explore and discover what life has to offer at California Language School.

Quality Education

Your instructors at California Language School have a remarkable passion for your success, with extraordinary education and experience in teaching English. The faculty brings over 20 years of combined experience teaching English to international students just like you. 

Lower Tuition

Take ESL and TOEFL classes at the lowest tuition in Los Angeles at only $400 monthly in our 3 month programs. California Language School is your answer for an affordable English language school where you'll save thousands of dollars. 

Learn Day or Night

Study English on your schedule: Day or Night. If you wake up late, attend our evening classes. Learning English is easy with us. Take your English as a Second Language (ESL) & TOEFL prep classes on your time. Read more about the courses and class times here.

Your Life in LA

Discover LA and celebrate your new adventure with monthly field trips, holiday parties, and loving care to your immigration status, housing, and acclimation to American culture to give your new life in Los Angeles an even brighter future!

Ready to find out more?

Contact us here with your questions or request. An advisor will be in touch soon.

School Culture

Why you'll love it here.

Imagine meeting students from global cities as Morocco, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Seoul, Tokyo, Mexico City, Taipei, and Shanghai and more?

They come to California Language School to discover their new future. You can too.

Learning English in LA

Create a new experience for your new life.

Our school is located in Los Angeles - the city of dreams, hopes and aspirations while playing host to a mix of unique cultures.

This is the world's capital of entertainment - and a place to create unforgettable memories together with California Language School.

Home Away From Home

Nervous about going to an entirely new country?

Our loving staff understands, and we care!

We are here to advise and guide you throughout your time here.

The family atmosphere here will help you feel at home!

Ready for your new life at California Language School?

Here are some snapshots of the classes and the school culture that is waiting for you to join.

Take Classes Day or Night!

Day Classes

Day: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Monday to Friday

Evening Classes

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm 
Monday to Thursday

Visit LA’s museums and beaches. Enjoy the daytime culture of surf, biking, hiking, rock climbing, yoga. Learn art or music production. Or maybe you just like to sleep in the mornings!

Achieve your goal of learning English with the California Language School.

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California Language School Holiday Party

Why Students Like You Learn at CLS?

I was visiting from Europe as a doctor to research and increase my English skills. I had instructors who helped me improve my English in only 3 months who cared so much for me. 

Much love!

California Language School was more than 50% of the price of the school I was going to AND the instructors there were so much better! I saved $1000 per month and received so much love and attention. 

Thank you CLS!

Most schools have only morning classes and I like to take my time to enjoy my time exploring LA (or just sleeping in!)

The classes at night was perfect for me to study, hang out with new friends.


The school is so great and quick to students. I got my I-20 F-1 visa and in LA at the school in just 1 month from when I called. And after 1 year, I passed my TOEFL!


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